Presentation by Northallerton Mowbray Rotary Club

On 18 May 2024, Anne Ash, President of the Rotary Club of Northallerton Mowbray, presented £300 to the Trustees of Bedale Community Library.  The application was made by Andy Hallett, Chair of the Trustees, and detailed the various ways the library supports the local community, including the Home Library Service, visits from school pupils, information about wellbeing and mental health, and assistance with printing Household Support vouchers.

The continued object of the Library as a Charity is for the public benefit, to advance the education of the residents of Bedale, residents of North Yorkshire and other library users through the provision of a community library facility.

Rotary raised the money from Book Fairs held twice a year in Bedale Hall.  The money will go towards the replacement of the library blinds which have been in place since 2017 and have suffered from the effects of sunlight and UV rays.                                      


Published: 28/05/2024 Published by: Bedale Community Library

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